1. tending to diminish or disparage

belittling comments


managed a deprecating smile at the compliment


deprecatory remarks about the book


a slighting remark

Similar to: ↑uncomplimentary
Derivationally related forms: ↑depreciate (for: ↑depreciatory), ↑depreciate, ↑deprecate (for: ↑deprecatory), ↑deprecate (for: ↑deprecative)
2. tending to decrease or cause a decrease in value

a depreciating currency


depreciatory effects on prices

Syn: ↑depreciating, ↑depreciatory
Similar to: ↑decreasing
Derivationally related forms: ↑depreciate (for: ↑depreciatory), ↑depreciate

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deprēˈciative or deprēˈciatory adjective
Tending to depreciate or lower
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Main Entry:depreciate

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depreciative, a.
[f. L. dēpretiāt- (see depreciate v.) + -ive.]
Characterized by depreciating; given to depreciation; depreciatory.
in Smart, and in mod. Dicts.

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